Embark on a transformative journey with our Leadership & Life Coaching services, inspired by and rooted in the indigenous philosophy of ‘Te Whakaoho’ or ‘The Awakened’.

Te Whakaoho is a holistic framework that depicts a person’s journey navigating growth and change to reach their full potential or life purpose, whilst also integrating the principles of the Mind, Body & Soul to attain overall wellbeing and success.

At Navigating Worlds, we understand the importance of honouring and integrating indigenous wisdoms and western practices into our coaching approach to support the unique strengths and challenges that individuals and communities are navigating.

Our coaching methodology takes a holistic approach to personal and professional development, addressing not only leadership skills but also life balance, well-being, and fulfilment.

We believe that true success encompasses all aspects of life, and our philosophy reflects this integrated perspective.

1:1 Leadership coaching

Leadership coaching helps executives, managers, and emerging leaders enhance their skills, maximise their potential, and stay ahead in their respective fields.

Coaching provides individuals with the tools and mindset to navigate change effectively, capitalise on opportunities, and overcome obstacles.

Individuals seek coaching to align their personal and professional goals, manage stress, and foster greater fulfilment in both spheres of life.

Leading Yourself Programme

Leading Yourself is a transformational journey discovering your authentic leadership style and qualities.

This programme aims to provide a safe and supportive space for you to navigate theoretical case studies, practical tools and techniques. This includes a range of self-reflection, individual and team exercises .

By completing the ‘Leading Yourself’ programme we work together to develop strategies to manage unconscious bias, stress, build resilience, and cultivate positive wellbeing practices that honour your values.


  • Online, virtual 8-week programme
  • 2-day in-person workshops


‘Better You, Better Me’ Programme

The ‘Better You, Better Me’ 6-week programme takes a holistic approach to Leadership Wellbeing.

The programme aims to create synergy among the mind, body & soul elements, recognising that true well-being comes from a balanced and integrated approach to personal and professional growth. By dedicating time and effort to the mind, body and soul, you’re not only working towards a “better you” as an individual but also a “better us” as a collective.

By completing the ‘Better You, Better Me’ 6-week programme in a team environment can lead to a set of outcomes that not only benefit individuals but also contribute to a positive and supportive team culture.

As a team, this can amplify the impact of individuals’ efforts, creating a supportive and thriving environment where everyone contributes to the collective success and vision of the organisation.


  • Online, virtual 6-week programme


FREE Enquiry Session – 30 Minutes

This session is ideal if you need clarity on our sessions and how we will Coach you. This is also perfect for Organisations who want to form a working relationship and discuss our Leadership services. Done virtually.