Our paths have been laid out for us by our people, who were among many that migrated from the Pacific to Aotearoa in search for a better way of life for themselves and their families.
The product of our parents and grandparents’ sacrifices, we are carrying the torch, and embarking on a journey to help others find a better way of life.

Our Team

Kailah Raharuhi-AlatipI

Kia ora, Talofa lava, I’m Kailah

Ko te-Pū-o-Te-Wheke te maunga
Ko Mamaru te waka
Ko Tokerau te moana
Ko Haiti-Tai-Marangai te marae
Ko Te Whanau Moana me Te Rorohuri ngā hapu
Ko Ngāti Kahu ko Ngāti Whātua me Ngāti Hāmoa oku iwi
I tipu ake ahau ki Porirua
Kei te noho ahau ki tōku Papakāinga ki Maitai Bay, Karikari Peninsula
Ko Kailah Raharuhi-Alatipi ahau

Malō le soifua ma le lagi e mamā i le paia o le ‘Aufaigaluega a le Atua, ma le paia o Samoa.

O lo’u igoa o Kailah Raharuhi-Alatipi e savalivali mai le galuega mai nu’u o lo’u Tamā i o Solosolo ma Satitoa, Aleipata. Ioe, po’o i Niu Sila, po’o i ō i Samoa, o a’u o le teine mai le beach.

I am a proud Māori, Samoan woman who is deeply passionate about empowering people to thrive in all areas of their lives.
I am a certified Life Coach (dipLCC) with 10 years experience within Human Resources and Governance in the Public Sector.

I have learnt many things both personally and professionally to support my leadership journey and as I have progressed, I have helped others by sharing a lot of these transferable knowledge, skills, tools and frameworks to enhance their wellbeing, career and lives.

My purpose is to show others to not settle for less than they deserve.

Justina SESilia (Lia) To’omata

Talofa lava, my name is Justina Sesilia To’omata – you can call me Lia.

Malō le soifua ma le lagi mamā i le paia o le ‘Aufaigaluega a le Atua, ma le paia o Samoa.

O lo’u igoa o Justina Sesilia To’omata.

O lo’u Tamā o Toleafoa Fa’avaoga Va’atofu To’omata. E sau mai le nu’u o Sāmata’itai ma Fagafau i Savai’i, Samoa

O lo’u Tinā (māliu) o Uiesema’ali’i To’omata. E sau mai le nu’u o Vailoa, Aleipata ma Solosolo i Apia, Samoa.

E to’a tolu o’u tuagane mātutua ma a’u le teine to’atasi. O a’u fo’i o le ui’i o le matou aiga.

Ioe, o a’u o le princess o le matou aiga.

I am a proud Samoan whose passion lies in helping people to be the best version of themselves both in their personal and professional lives. I am a certified life coach (dipLCC), a qualified personal trainer (Cert 3 & 4), and have over 20 years of professional experience in the Public Sector, banking, insurance, sales and gym management.

Many of my life lessons came from some major setbacks, which in return allowed me to have positive comebacks. I have acquired a diverse skill set which has cultivated valuable tools to support my leadership journey and I’ve been able to help others nourish a powerful relationship with themselves and others.

My purpose is to help others overcome obstacles to unlock their untapped potential.

Our Values

  • Courage – To build and have the confidence to take action, step out of your comfort zone in order to grow, evolve and lead authentically.

  • Compassion – Tailored coaching approach to meet your individual and/or teams unique needs, in a safe and empathetic space for sustainable success and fulfillment.

  • Connection – Weaving worldviews, leader experiences, challenges and insights to create a supportive network of like-minded individuals.

our vision?

To connect and empower leaders to be fully equipped to lead themselves, others and outcomes.

Our Purpose

To identify and deliver solutions for gaps in leadership capability, by intertwining Indigenous and western worldviews to drive authentic leadership.


“Coaching with Kailah and Lia from Navigating Worlds has helped me in many ways, even my whānau have said they don’t recognise me. I have learnt how to create boundaries, create values and actually understand them. I’ve started to honour myself and allow myself the space and time to focus and prioritise myself and whānau.”

Chevy Ngarotata, Flick Electric Co