Navigating Worlds?

Navigating Worlds is a Leadership coaching service for people who are challenged every day between their different roles and responsibilities (worlds), and need support with bridging these together (navigating). NW – pioneering authentic leadership.

Our Services

At Navigating Worlds, we understand the importance of honouring, integrating practices from both western and indigenous wisdoms into our coaching approach.

We recognise the unique strengths and challenges that individuals and communities may face. We are committed to providing empowering and culturally sensitive coaching experiences.

Our Leadership & Life coaching services are holistic and rooted in the principles of ‘Mind, Body, Soul’ within our indigenous philosophy ‘Te Whakaoho’.

Navigating Worlds

What our clients say

“I approached Navigating Worlds to support me in navigating my recruitment process and exploring self leadership moving into the Pou Tohu Mātāmua – Principal Advisor role.

I am incredibly grateful for the coaching I received from Navigating Worlds. As a Māori public servant, I face many challenges in the activation of self- leadership, and Navigating Worlds played a pivotal role in helping me to develop and execute a plan to navigate those waters. Their guidance and expertise were invaluable in activating my leadership skills, allowing me to effectively manage both my own whakaaro and the aims and aspiration of my mahi.

Moreover, Navigating Worlds went above and beyond to assist me in understanding and negotiating my contract. Their attention to detail, knowledge of contractual matters, and strategic approach empowered me to secure a contract that not only protected my interests but also ensured the organisation I work for receive the best of my skills, knowledge & wisdom. I felt confident and supported throughout the entire process, thanks to their unwavering guidance.

Thanks to Navigating Worlds coaching, I have grown both professionally and personally. Their insights and practical advice have made a lasting impact on my career. I highly recommend Navigating Worlds to anyone seeking a dedicated coaches who can provide expert guidance to support Māori and Pacific public servants. Ngā Mihi Kōrua”

Patsy Kainuku, Pou Tohu Mātāmua Māori Crown Partnerships, Te Pātaka Whaioranga – Pharmac

“I’ve had the pleasure of being in the presence of Kailah on many occasions and I’ve found her to always be very professional, knowledgeable, patient and interactive making my sessions extremely enjoyable, practical and effortless.

I would use her services again in a heartbeat and be happy to recommend to others.”

Porirua, Aotearoa New Zealand

“I worked with Justina over the course of 6 months and in that time, Justina had the capability to positively impact my life in every way possible. Justina was able to see the goals I have for my career while also intuitively grasping the wider aspects of my life. From here Justina created a path for me to improve myself and the lives of those around me.

Her holistic approach and immense empathy allowed her to create a tailored plan for me to improve in the different avenues of my life. Her ability to challenge me to grow myself personally and within my career while simultaneously providing guidance and pastoral care has allowed me to develop tools which I will use for the rest of my life.

I cannot explain how much of a life changing experience working with Justina was, and I recommend her for any of your life coaching needs.”

Josie Dawson, MPI

“Navigating World’s is more than a name, more than encouraging words or inspirational quotes, its about real, authentic and genuine approaches to help ypu develop and add tools to your kit to tackle through some challenging times whether professionally or personally.

I thought I understood life, my purpose, my thinking but it wasn’t until I had deeper conversations to unpack things I hadn’t thought of in years that I truly felt I unlocked something in me, the ability to let go and be at peace with decisions and outcomes.

Through my engagements with Kailah, I have learned that vulnerability is okay, shifting my mindset is paramount to my journey and believing in my ability whether as a Māmā or in work isn’t me living in my ego, its me knowing my worth and basking in my greatness and celebrating the small wins is worth doing. As cliche as it sounds, I’m still on a journey- MY JOURNEY!”

Donna Fasavalu, Support Fund Advisor, MSD National Office